Cameron West

Bestselling Author
First Person Plural:
My Life as a Multiple

West Now, 15 Years After the Book

See where Cam and wife Rikki are now, as Oprah Winfrey revisits the New York Times Bestselling and Oprah Book Club author and his life with multiple personalities in this clip from the season premiere of OWN’s “Where are They Now.”

Plus, read a message from Cam about why he's releasing the eBook — featuring a new epilogue about life since the book — and the impact of sharing his story with the world.

The Books

New York Times Bestseller "First Person Plural: My Life as a Multiple," written by Cameron West

First Person Plural — with new epilogue

Meet Davy, a 4-year-old with harrowing memories of abuse. Switch, a self-harming 10-year-old. And Dusty, a shy pre-teen girl. Unique individuals with one thing in common: They live, along with 21 others, in the body of Cameron West.

In this intimate memoir of life with Dissociative Identity Disorder, West struggles to understand the workings of his fragmented mind and heal his damaged spirit — all while desperately hanging on to the slender thread that connects him to his wife, son and some semblance of normal life.

A bestseller, the book was published in 22 countries. Disney Studios purchased the movie rights and developed a script, though the movie has yet to be produced.

The Medici Dagger

A Hollywood stuntman. Missing pages from Leonardo Da Vinci’s notebook. And a quest for vengeance that spans the ages.

West’s first novel tells the story of Reb, an orphan drawn into a search for Da Vinci's legendary Medici Dagger to avenge his parents' deaths. Full of twists and thrills, the mystery centers on a coded map that requires matching wits with Da Vinci while evading the killer that haunts Reb’s dreams.

The Medici Dagger was published in over 20 countries and optioned twice by Paramount Pictures for Tom Cruise but has yet to be made into a film.

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The Medici Dagger": A novel by Cameron West

"FutureCard": A novel by Cameron West


Reb’s adventures continue as he’s drawn into a dangerous web of international intrigue created by a mysterious group called Orion's Light, whose leader may become the next President of the United States.

What starts out as a search for one person turns into a life and death struggle to prevent the world's first act of nanoterrorism that, come Election Day, will affect the future of humanity.

Welcome to the nano world of subliminal advertising, where the phrase “See no evil” has a special and sinister meaning.

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About the Author

Cameron West, author

Cameron West was born in Chicago, married Rikki while working as a touring musician in Boston and became a father while working as a recording artist in Nashville. He was diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder in 1993. During the course of his treatment, 24 separate personalities emerged.

Cam earned a Ph.D. in psychology in the years following his diagnosis, and his condition is now largely under control. After years of living around the world, the Wests now reside on California’s Central Coast, where Cam is working on a new book about the healing process and his relationship with his son, Kai.